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Posted By Rhino on 12/02/14 - Bookmark Huge Cocks

Teen girls are almost too easy to fuck. Sure you do have to have some criteria covered like either being at least somewhat cute yourself or well off money wise, but that isn’t hard to do. If you can’t pull off either of those you need to get your fucking head examined and think about procuring the services of a life coach!

Should you have one or the other, or both, all you need then in a moderately cute girl to take advantage of anyway you please. My favorites are the quirky girls looking for some kind of romance. Tell her how pretty she is and say things to her like, “Oh, that Gwyneth Paltrow… she ain’t got nothin on you babe!” The quirky ones eat that kind of shit up like it is cake. Soon she will be like putty in your hands. After fingering banging her tight teen cunt for a few minutes make her clean your fingers with her mouth. Girls love the taste of their own cum!

Next you need to give that dog a bone. Pop your cock into her mouth and grunt, groan and moan passionately and deep while throat stuffing her. The louder and more “into it” you get the further she will let you spunk inside her throat. Don’t forget to bang that tight teen snatch of hers. She needs to cum just as bad as you. Keep her in line by making sure she is cumming as often as she needs it. In the end try putting your cock up her butt. Some girls go for it. Tell her not to be a prude.

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