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Posted By Rhino on 11/23/12 - Bookmark Huge Cocks


While carving the turkey this Thanksgiving I was reminded of a little fact. As the one carving the turkey you get to eat the smaller trimmings here and there before anybody else gets a taste of the feast that is to come. It felt like a Déjà vu moment when I happened on this video clip of Santa’s little elf sucking his huge cock. It reminded me that Santa must also get some extra perks being the one doing all of the work before everyone else gets to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

If you really think about it, it all makes perfect sense. After all, where did you think all of those little elves came from? Santa is the only one in that house with balls big enough to impregnate 100’s of elves every year!

Get your daily dose of homemade xxx porn from the guys at GFLot.com. Don’t ask me what they were smoking when they picked the name. For all I know it is IKEA speak for ‘free porn tube’ or something. All I do know is that they are doing all of the work and you are getting all of the spoils!

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Priya Rai has a huge fan base. It isn’t hard to see why. No pun intended. You don’t see many Indian porn stars in the industry and she certainly is a hot one. Her tiny frame of 5’3" at 98lbs supports a full rack of tits and her mocha skin is simply stunning.

I don’t post links to free porn often, and some would say not often enough. When it comes to huge cock porn I like to spread the love as much as Priya likes to spread the cum from this guys cock all over her face and titties.

Even when getting something for free I prefer to get quality over quantity. This site has plenty of both and they even have porn star pages for girls like Priya Rai so you can find all of her videos quickly.

Just in case you are wondering about the duration of the videos I can assure you that they are long, and often they are uncut. This one was almost twenty-one minutes in length. Plenty of time for you to wake your cock up and get him excited with Priya’s dick sucking lips!

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Posted By Rhino on 11/16/12 - Bookmark Huge Cocks

Getting tired of boring videos? Do you need something a bit more intimate? I have a suggestion for you, but I’m not sure you are man enough, or crazy enough, to try it. If you have ever watched porn videos in the past you have probably thought about how cool it would be to direct one. Now you can. In real time!

With sex cam chat you are in the drivers seat. Tell the couples what you want them to do. Relive your favorite sexual encounters from your past or make up wholly new fantasies and have them act them out for you. Live!

There are hundreds of couples to choose from, but by far my choice would be this fun loving, huge cock, big tits, adultcamchat.me. They do everything from dominance to naughty nurse routines. Anything you want. The only limits here are your imagination and how much you desire to take control of your web cam experience.

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