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Posted By bangin on 01/08/09 - Bookmark Huge Cocks
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It is nice to see that the guys at MonstersOfCock.com do not discriminate when it comes to choosing a cock hungry slut to feature on their site.

Even though Serena Del Rio could pass for a Middle Eastern or Arabic girl we wont do that to her ( you can if you want). She is actually a sexy Brazilian who traveled quite a distance just to taste one of the huge cocks on Monsters Of Cock.

By the look on her face it is safe to say that she was not disappointed by the size of that massive dick in her hands. At MonstersOfCock.com you always seem to find that girl that thought she would be the one to break the giant cock only to leave walking away limping when she is done with a scene.

Don’t take my word for it just check out one of the 250 plus girls they have on MonstersOfCock.com to see what I am talking about. It is only going to cost you 3 dollars for the trial and if you like you can become a member but if you don’t  just cancel with no hassles.

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Posted By Rhino on 12/30/08 - Bookmark Huge Cocks
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OK, so what you are seeing might lack a certain element of truth. Obviously the guy doesn’t have a fourteen inch cock and obviously nobody without elephantitis in the nuts can cum spooge by the gallon.

Think of it this way. Freaks of Cock is nothing more than a way to see some seriously freaky shit. Plus, FreaksofCock.com is part of a larger network with some truly amazing sites like 18 Years Old, 40 oz Bounce, Sleep Creep and more.

This network was put together by some relatively new kids on the block, the Porn Pros. Even though they are some what brand new, they are hitting homeruns like Manny Ramirez!

With twelve sites under the hood you get as many updates a week. No more sitting around waiting for “update day” to arrive. Now every day has one or two updates!

So put your doubts about the authenticity of a fourteen inch cock or a gallon of cum aside and enjoy porn for what it is meant to be, entertaining!

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Posted By Rhino on 12/14/08 - Bookmark Huge Cocks
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If size doesn’t matter, why are my big cock blogs so fucking popular?

Since size does matter it is time to bring out the biggest cocks in the industry. 24 Inches of Pain is all about white girls that crave the monster cock.

Every week the guys at 24 Inches of Pain find another white girl that can’t say no to the mandango dick. Sometimes the girls are just curious and want to know if the rumors are true. Do black guys really have bigger cocks? Most of the girls already know that answer and are just coming back for more!

No matter what their motives are for showing up at the 24 Inches of Pain house, one thing is always constant. When you have 24 inches of hard cock inside you, it hurts! The human body wasn’t made with 24 inches of extra room!

They say there can be no gain without the pain. These girls must be gaining something from their throat stuffing, interracial ordeal because they keep coming back for more! Perhaps getting gang-fucked by that much cock is a taste that grows on you like coffee? We may never know the answer to that question, but we do know where you can get closer to the truth.

At 24InchesofPain.com!

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Posted By on 11/19/08 - Bookmark Huge Cocks
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Goldie Locks here almost had a tear come to her eye when she saw this studs monster cock in these killer pussy stretching pics!

MegaCockCravers.com is dedicated to presenting amateur Mega Cock Cravers that are in heat for monster cocks. They find the sexiest girls just dieing to get themselves wrapped around these monster sized dongs that Mega Cock Cravers has to offer!

Take the MegaCockCravers.com tour and browse as many of these real  cock craving amateur babes as you want. Mega Cock Cravers does not update anymore but their existing content is sill a must see. For only $4.95 for the Mega Cock Cravers 3 day trial, you can get access to a Reality Kings entire network of over 23+ sites which include many other sites that can give us many more monster cock videos and pics, and many other different niches. Like Pure18, Extreme Asses, Milf Hunter, See my Wife, and many more. Which gives you great added value to this Mega Cock Cravers site. 

See ya in the MegaCockCravers.com members area.

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Posted By on 11/05/08 - Bookmark Huge Cocks
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The ultimate pizza place with a special delivery service is what BigSausagePizza.com mission goal is. Especially when it comes giving big cocks to smoking hot blondes with big boobs! Like Jaylyn here answered her door with a shredded up pink top that almost made this guy drop the pepperoni pizza to the ground. Instead he went inside and added an extra big cock sausage topping to her pizza. Jaylyn asked him if the Big Sausage Pizza is fresh and juicy.  He assured her it definitely is and their is only one way to find out. So she began to suck on that big cock pizza and sure enough it was juicy and she didn’t let one drop go to waste. Jaylyn now orders a Big Sausage Pizza every week because BigSausagePizza.com can really deliver!

Now come and get your Big Sausage Pizza order and receive a 3 day trial pass for only $1. This BigSausagePizza.com trial membership will rebill in three days to a full membership at $38.80 a month until canceled. The great benefit to this full membership is complete access to the entire Reality Gang Network of over 15 original sites for the price of one.

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Posted By on 10/29/08 - Bookmark Huge Cocks
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BigCocks.com brings us white hoes who can not get enough big black cocks. There are plenty of white chicks here getting some extreme anal and pussy stretching by the some of largest black cocks in the business. Some of these sexy hoes take on these massive black cocks one on one, and also can take them as many as four at a time. Which will prove to be a huge cum splashing all over their beautiful faces.

Take Brianna Love for example here at BigCocks.com. She loves monster black cocks. Her pussy walls will be stretched out in all directions as she takes these mandingo huge black cocks on like so many swords. Brianna is totally addicted to massive black cocks that will penetrate every hole and put them in her like she’s never had it before. When all is said and done, she is going to be a pool of cum splashed and cum filled putty on the floor.

Don’t hesitate to take the BigCocks.com tour and for some extra added time, sign up for the BigCocks.com 3 day trial memebership for $4.95 get an eyeful of these pics and videos of all the white chicks getting their pleasures satisfied by these big black cocks.

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Posted By on 10/08/08 - Bookmark Huge Cocks
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RealityKingsBigDick.com is completely Big Dick Certified with so many hot babes who love great big Cocks will attest to the RealityKings BigDick claim. These huge cocks have pleasured hundreds of beautiful big cock loving girls on camera. Many of these girls are sexy amateur teens, hot milfs, and mature women. No matter who handled these thick big cocks. Watching them pound and stretch out sweet tight teen pussies, drilling deep into sexy mature women, throat fucking, and titty splashing all these hot females is what we are here for at Reality Kings BigDick.

Take a peek at the sample video of Nikki and get a nice taste of what you can expect from RealityKings BigDick.

I have seen a lot of “Big Dick sites” and I have to say Reality Kings BigDickis is one of the few that actually delivers. With the $4.95 RealityKings BigDick trial pass you can also sample their other sites too. Full RealityKingsBigDick.com members get unrestricted access to their entire network of 22+ sites in several different niches for the price of one.

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Posted By on 09/21/08 - Bookmark Huge Cocks
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Everybody take your seats the Cock Competition begins. On the right we have Dylan who simply wanted to be on the show because she knows this Cock Competition made the greatest splash on internet.  And on the left we have Sierra who is Dylan’s neighbor and know that anything Dylan can do she can do better. So bring on that huge Cockasourus.!

It is the wildest monster cock game. The Cock Competition where the players spin the big wheel and find out how they will bring the OG Mudbone’s 14 inch cock to cum and where to spray his massive jizz load.

So come on in all you spectators and take the CockCompetition.com tour. Then be sure to buy a ticket to the Big Main Vein Event for just one dollar! After a day of CockCompetition.com you will more than likely get the full membership package that will include the entire PornPros.com Network the price of one site.

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Posted By on 09/04/08 - Bookmark Huge Cocks
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Here at RealityKings.com you will see some of biggest cocks pounding real amateur girls tight wet pussies. Titty fucking the hell out of some of best looking tits on the net. Having their huge cocks sucked till they get every drop of man juice out of him.

Just like Audry here in the above picture. Audry has a fetish for massive cocks and the juice thats comes out of them. In Audry’s video she will lick the balls clean of any of this studs seed.

Take the Reality Kings Big Dick tour and browse as many of these massive cock loving beauties as you want.

RealityKings.com updates on a weekly basis. For only $4.95 for the Reality Kings Big Dick 3 day trial, you can get access to a Reality Kings network of over 21 sites. Each of them has movies in different niches shot just for those sites.

Niches include sites like Pure18, Monster Curves, Milf Hunter, Big Naturals, and many more. With so many sites having fresh updates every single day you will have a lot of hardcore sex action to keep you busy. With  the Reality Kings Networks top notch quality you will be completely satisfied. Look forward to see you in the RealityKings.com members area!

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Posted By bangin on 08/20/08 - Bookmark Huge Cocks
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I can’t tell if that look on Kaycee Dean’s face is fear for what the Abominable Black Man is going to do to her tight little pussy or if it is just shock that she is going to have a cock that size in her pussy.

Just incase you don’t know who the Abominable Black Man is. It’s the legendary Richard Mann and if you can’t tell he has a huge black cock that all the ladies seem to love. He is well known for taking these innocent little white girls and getting them to ride his big black dick and liking every minute of the pain.

Take Kaycee for example she was waiting for the bus when they met her and she told them about her loser of a boyfriend. Well that was all the Abominable Blackman needed to hear. So he invited her down to the studio she could hardly wait and once she got a glimpse of his cock… she almost hit the ceiling. Kaycee screamed and struggled to take on the Abominable Blackmans dick into her wet mouth and tight pink pussy.

At AbominableBlackMan.com all of their content is 100% exclusive and of the highest quality imaginable. Every scene has a full length video and tons of pics that you can down load. With frequent updates and a huge image archive you have to be a fool not to become a member of Abominable Blackman.

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